Monday, December 20, 2004


We suppose the image above makes as good a segue as any to talking about the ongoing controversies popping up around the country over religion's place in holiday celebrations.  The Dallas Morning News reports that voters in Mustang, Oklahoma turned down a bond issue for the local school district in large part because the district superintendant removed a creche from school holiday play. FF would have voted the other way, but we have to admit this is how the democratic process is supposed to work.

The WaPo has a decent report here.  It's a good start, explaining that the fuel for these fires might be either conservative activism or liberal overreaction.  That's true, but there's another possibility that so far has been overlooked:  the US, of course, is an increasingly diverse society.  That diversity is beginning to pop up in places where its presence has not been felt before.  

Look, for example, at this story about gays and lesbians in Oklahoma--same state as the controversy above--many of whom are not giving up on the Sooner State after the "moral values" elections.

So keep track of where these stories come from:  we're pretty confident that you'll find that many of them originate in surburban or exurban areas.  Meaning, of course, places that are changing.

Jesus' General is tracking one such story from Polk County, Florida.  The general provides a choice quote from a county commisioner, explaining why he doesn't think Muslim symbols are important in holiday displays:

I don't think I should have to tolerate on my government-funded and financed buildings symbols of people who hate, when I read their doctrine and it says to kill the infidel and they're talking about Christians. I don't think I should have to put those up, nor do I think my children or families should have to do that. I accept Christianity, and I am tolerant of others, but I don't have to promote with government dollars and government buildings other religions. I've got to tell you after 9-11, I'm not tolerant of a lot of things...When people blow up our buildings, I ain't putting those symbols up on there.

He also assures us that real Christians are not shirking their duties:

We have to admit being a bit jealous of General J.C.'s sources.  How does he get the inside scoop on such brave actions, and we're just stuck with Christian Peacemakers?

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