Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Homosexuality & Religion

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin is reluctant to put the idea of same-sex marriage to a national referendum, the AP is reporting. Presumably, he's afraid of losing such a vote. RNR asks its gay and gay-friendly readers: does this bother you? Is it better to win the right to marry by any means, or is it better to win that "democratically," which is to say waiting until it has broad popular support and can win a national referendum? We have to admit being ambivalent about it.

Eleven evangelists arrested trying to disrupt Philadelphia's Gay Pride Parade are being charged with "criminal conspiracy, rioting and ethnic intimidation." Again, a question: should the GLBT community be considered an "ethnic minority," or is that demeaning?

"Archbishop Harry J. Flynn of Minneapolis-St. Paul spoke to Vatican officials about gay rights proponents wearing rainbow sashes to Mass and receiving Communion," Catholic News Service reports.

Meanwhile, on the UCC ad front, there's more reaction here and here, and an announcement here that the UCC is now releasing 60-second radio spots featuring the same edginess you've come to know and love.

Our favorite part?

In keeping with the Christmas season, one of the spots parodies the words of a traditional Christmas carol, with a chorus singing, "O come, some of ye faithful, powerful and privileged, O come all ye special few to Bethlehem ..." An announcer interrupts the music, saying, "God doesn't invite some of the faithful. God invites all the faithful. So do we - the United Church of Christ."

Kudos to fellow bloggers Fredrick Clarkson and Chuck Currie for catching this press release.

Speaking of UCC blogs, here's a new one on the UCC's "God Is Still Speaking" site. In keeping with blog tradition, its name contains a groaner of a pun: "Yule Blog." No word yet on whether it will survive Christmas.


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