Monday, December 20, 2004

Religion & Homosexuality

The Pope sez gay marriage "destroys the fabric of society". Further proof that you don't actually have to be a grandfather to be a crotchety old grandpa.

Meanwhile, the Vatican has founded an AIDS-relief fund. But as the Revealer points out, throwing $132,000 at the problem is...a bit odd.

Contrary to recent reports, Gene Robinson is still planning on attending the next Lambeth Conference, the Anglican Communion's worldwide gathering. However, as Robinson reports, the Conference is an invite-only affair, at the discretion of Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Robinson has volunteered to participate in a "reduced capacity" if that will make his presence easier to take for conservative bishops from Africa.

The NYT Sunday Magazine has an interview with Beth Stroud. RNR thinks the interviewer's questions are a bit unfair to the United Methodist Church, and display some real ignorance of what it means to be an ordained minister in a large denomination. We're relatively certain that Stroud would be the first to agree with us. But she, as always, comes across as gracious and deeply spiritual, which is more than RNR can say for itself sometimes.


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