Monday, December 20, 2004

Speaking Out

The National Catholic Reporter notes the acquital of eight peace activists in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

This press release from the Church of the Brethren carries two items of interest: first, the Brethren office responsible for aiding conscientious objectors was recently visited by an official from the Selective Service. Church officials wanted an explanation of the visit, and met with higher-ups in Selective Service. Their answer? It was a bridge-building visit. No draft is coming. Oh my, no.

The second item from the same PR release is a brief column from a Church Peacemaker stationed in Hebron. CPMs, if you didn't know it, are brave souls who attempt to keep a lid on conflict in such places as Israel and El Salvador. They have been known to physically stand between ranks of Israeli soldiers and Palestinian youths to prevent confrontations from spiraling out of control. They are, in brief, real Christians, and RNR takes its hat off to them.

Those CPMs might want to do some work with this US military base near Fallujah:


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