Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Speaking Out

From the Gutless Pacifist a set of 95 Theses from a surprising source: a collection of Vineyard Fellowship house church pastors.

Why so suprising? Consider one of those theses:

Thus, the United States of America is not the Kingdom of God, nor did it ever have any special place -- as a nation -- in that Kingdom."

Another surprising source: the Nation looks at the confluence of opinion between the CIA, the Pentagon and United Nations on the destabilizing effects of global poverty. How often is that the right thing to do is also the practical thing? And how often is it that you get someone in the Bush administration to do it anyway?

Well, never, but at least the first half of the equation worked out in this case.

A less suprising declaration on "Confessing Christ in a World of Violence from Sojourners. It may not surprise you, but it's good nonetheless. (Thanks to talkingdonkeys for the link, and for including faithforward on their blogroll.)


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