Monday, December 20, 2004

Tales of the Shut-Ins

Part of RNR's day job is going around to visit members of the church confined to nursing homes, or who otherwise can't make it in to church.  Often, these folks have great stories to tell, which makes our visits a pleasure.  We've decided there's no reason to hog them all.

So:  the oldest member of our church is a retired librarian who recently turned 100.  For many years, she and her husband lived in Midland, Texas.  In fact, they lived right across the street from W. and Laura.  Our Shut-In also taught Sunday School with W.'s mother at the Presbyterian church in Midland.

In any case, she liked George and Laura.  He was a nice guy, and she was almost painfully shy.  Apparently, she's come a long way since then.  Our Shut-In was proud to vote for W. in the last couple of elections, and we're too good a pastor to disagree with her.

But here's the real point of the story:  she told us that she met W. right after he got out of Yale.  Except she's deaf, and can't enunciate very well sometimes, so we thought she said "right after he got out of AA."  

And Godhelpus, we thought we had a scoop to end all scoops.


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