Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Theocracy and Democracy

Fredrick Clarkson has a great diary up on Kos. I'll have to leave it to him to identify the extent of the problem, but read this for a taste of the discussion:
You can't listen to Christian Right leaders, and more than a few GOP elected officials these days without hearing the phrase "America was founded as a Christian Nation." What about separation of church and state, you may ask? What about the establishment clause of the First Amendment? Well, the Christian Right has its own version of history, its own historians and its own colleges, universities and even law schools. So what about `em? There is a war on for control of America, its institutions and its history. This diary is about one element of the struggle.

A crucial part of the war for the future of America is the battle to define the past. It is in this past that we find key interpretations of the Constitution. It is also in this past that modern politicians, judges, and conservative evangelical religious leaders justify their contemporary actions and public policy views. The mythology of America as the once and future Christian Nation, is a powerfully animating factor for the Christian Right. The myth of Christian America is highly debatable. Well, let the debates begin.

Well worth the reading. (Full disclosure: he namechecks us down at the bottom of the diary. We're blushing...)


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