Wednesday, December 15, 2004

This 'n' That

This is big: the Boston Archdiocese is caving in to squatters protesting the closing of their local parishs. Gads, what next? Democracy for the Catholic Church? Television ads declaring openness to gays and lesbians?

Uh, scratch that last one.

The Independent carries an intriguing story about a Japanese village which declares that Jesus survived his crucifixion and took up residence with them some 2,000 years ago. This is more than just a "crazy belief" story: scroll down and you'll find an examination of how politics and religion interact, and an insightful discussion of folk belief. Classic feature writing here.

One last link, from the Revealer. Oh heck, let's just lift the whole post:

Not one to rest on his laurels after a job well done, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is "taking time out from running the war in Iraq to defend his beloved scouting movement from assault by a liberal civil rights group." That's right: fresh from his rousing P.R. success in explaining to U.S. troops how their lack of adequate equipment was a matter of "physics," Eagle Scout Rumsfeld is changing the subject speaking his mind about an unpopular Pentagon settlement with the ACLU that would limit direct military sponsorship of boy scout troops, which require members to believe in God. Bless your selfless heart, Rummy.
Oh, and don't forget: Merry Christmas, Mr. Secretary of Defense.


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