Tuesday, December 28, 2004

This 'n' That

Jesus' General has an Inauguration Day Schedule posted. Our favorite part of the day? "Sen. Bill Frist explains Social Security reform by dissecting a cat."

Bartholomew, in discussing something totally different, comes up with a choice quote from P.G. Wodehouse:

As British satirist, P.G. Wodehouse said [as quoted by Frank Schaeffer], "Whenever Christians, and evangelicals in particular, have attempted to `reach the world' through the media - TV, film, publishing and so on - the thinking public gets the firm idea that, like soup in a bad restaurant, Christians' brains are better left unstirred."

We had to laugh, being big supporters of the UCC's "God Is Still Speaking" ads and all.

Some "inhouse" tidbits: the AP talks to pastors about getting worked up before Christmas Eve services. We've been there, and we can tell you it is like just before a big game. Easter's pretty bad, too, though we're usually too exhausted to be jittery by then.

The Christian Post is reporting that seminary enrollments are up around the country, and not just in fundagelical seminaries, neither. Everybody's baffled. Oh well. More pastors, what the hell.

Last link, on a subject that has nothing to do with religion. We think. We hope. Anyway, the LATimes has this piece on the politics of "Whiskers Clubs."

You heard us.

Whiskers clubs.

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