Sunday, January 30, 2005

Announcement of Judgment

Our friend Mike (aka DCDemocrat) is a theology student currently studying the book of Amos. As an assignment, the students were asked to write a contemporary prophecy of judment based on a current evil. Link here.


You borrow against the day of hunger, yet you rain your bombs on children!

Seated upon chairs of mahogany, fat bellies pressed against the linen of tables that groan with excess, they pour the hot fat of lambs on their potatoes and stuff themselves with prime rib from the buffet.

With their Bibles clasped to their breasts, they chuckle under their breath as limousines carry them to their accountants.

They drink martinis from Waterford and rely on the patronage of plastic surgeons, yet they feign to not hear the plea of a dozen million growling stomachs.

Therefore, their ample coffers shall fill up with privation, and the candelabra of their glistening soirees shall become the vagrant's night lit by naught save the stars that like sparks of fire devour them.


At 6:05 PM, Blogger pastordan said...

Man! I like it...tell him to send us more, if and when he has it.

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