Sunday, January 02, 2005

Brothers and Sisters...

I Bid You Pray:

  • for the more than 150,000 dead from the Dec. 26th tsunami and those who mourn them

  • for the survivors of this terrible natural disaster, that they may find clean drinking water, adequate food and shelter, sanitary conditions, and restored livelihoods, and that they may not be forgotten when the headlines have faded

  • for the leaders of wealthy nations, that their response may be generous, compassionate, and sustained

  • for the friends and family of Robert Matsui in their grief, and that his vision may not be lost
  • for the people of Iraq, who suffer continuing violence in their nation

  • for US servicemen and women, and their families, as violence continues in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • for the people of Israel and Palestine, as a Palestinian election approaches

  • for the victims and survivors of the nightclub fire in Argentina

  • for Michelle Werley and Susan Miller, the first lesbian couple married in an Independent Catholic church in Pennsylvania

  • with joy and thanksgiving for New Year's babies around the nation and the world

  • with hope and great resolve to meet the challenges of the year ahead, and at the last,

  • with deep gratitude for family, friends, and good fortune


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