Sunday, January 09, 2005

Brothers and Sisters,

I bid you pray for our community, the world, and for all those in need.

Within our community:

  • For those who are unemployed or underemployed, or who are concerned about making ends meet;

  • For those who have lost their mother to death, and for all those whose mothers are still alive, that they cherish their relationships;

  • For those struggle to quit smoking;

  • For those who are tired, frustrated, or feel slighted in their interactions.

In the world:

  • For the Palestinian nation, that they may capitalize on the election of a new president by finding long-delayed peace, prosperity, and justice in their land;

  • For Iraqi civilians killed mistakenly in violence, and for US and allied service men and women who are injured or killed in a needless war;

  • For the families of the victims of senseless crimes, that they may find some measure of peace in their grief;

  • For the town of Graniteville, SC, struggling to recover after a devasting train crash spilled chlorine gas, killing 9, injuring 58, and displacing hundreds;

  • For those affected by intense storms on the West Coast and around the country;

  • For those affected by the Tsunami, especially the Dalit caste of India, who are denied aid due to discrimination;

  • For all those who suffer in Darfur, the Central African Republic, Congo, Iran, and all places where war and natural disaster have been overshadowed by newer calamity.

For all those in need:

  • For those who grieve;

  • For those who hunger or thirst;

  • For those who have inadequate clothing or shelter;

  • For those who lack the moral insight to reject torture and death squads;

  • For those struggling with cancer or other major illness, and their families;

  • For all children, that they may be safe.

For all these and more we pray, trusting in goodness, justice, and the mystery of renewal.  Amen.


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