Sunday, January 16, 2005

Brothers and Sisters,

I bid you pray for our community, the world, and all people in need.

For our community:

  • For those facing heartbreak

  • For those struggling with addiction, especially for those entering treatment programs, that they may be strengthened and their illness eased

  • For those addressing emotionally charged family situations

  • For those who are dislocated, moving, or in transition, and for those working up the courage to do so.

  • For those who are ill, who fear for their safety, and for all who mourn.

  • For those who feel that they can no longer participate in our community, and for those who regret their departure, that old wounds may be healed and that we may wish well for all people, even when they cannot walk the same journey as ourselves.

For the world:

  • With great joy and thanksgiving for images of the wonder of distant planets.

  • With deep gratitude for the life and legacy of your servant, Martin Luther King, that we may live up to his vision of your "beloved community."

  • For the people of Iraq, and particularly the courageous citizens who must run secret campaigns for public office, that they may be safe and that their country may someday be truly free, truly democratic, and truly at peace.

  • For the people of Washington, DC, the people of the United States of America and its political leaders, that Inauguration Day may pass peacefully.

  • With simple thanks for the 81 Afghan prisoners freed by the American government and their families, that their love and joy not be interrupted again by war and politics.

  • With thanks and praise for the release of Wilbert Rideau after 44 years of confinement in the prisons of Louisiana.

For all those in need:

  • For the abuse victims of Charles Graner as he begins his long prison sentence, for his family, and for Graner himself, that they may not lose a sense of hope or mercy, and that through their loss justice and reconciliation may be established.

  • For President Bush and his advisers, that they may seek in humility to serve their nation with prudence and an eye to your call to peace, equity,  mercy and tolerance.

  • For those affected by the tsunami in South Asia and Africa, for other disasters whose effects linger, and for the victims of war around the world.

  • For the poor of every nation and land, that they may be fed.

  • For gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transexuals, and all who have been excluded from full participation from society because of their identity.

  • For ourselves, that we may pray even for our enemies, that we may reach out to all people with open hearts, and that we may do what is right.



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