Sunday, January 30, 2005

Brothers and Sisters,

Let us pray for our community and for the world, giving thanks for the goodness we have received.

For our own community:

  • For those who have lost friends and loved ones to death, particularly to suicide;

  • For those who keep vigil as family members move toward death, that they might be strengthened and built up in compassion;

  • For those who are unemployed, especially those who face eviction as money runs short;

  • For all those who are depressed, afraid, and anxious;

  • For those facing surgery, whether large or small;

  • For wounded veterans in need of assistance;

  • For the pleasure of new friends made in Barbara Boxer and all who have joined our community in the past week;

      For love and goodness,
      we give thanks.

For the world and our nation:

  • For the people of Iraq, that they may know hope and peace;

  • For all those who have died to make Iraqi democracy possible, civilians and soldiers alike;

  • For the US military personnel killed this week, especially those who died in a helicopter accident;

  • For the leaders of our own nation, that they will come to see the horror and needlessness of this war, and that they will repent of their stiff-necked ways to seek the path of peace instead;

  • For those killed in the commuter train wreck in Los Angeles this week, for their families and friends, and especially for the young man who caused the accident in a suicide attempt. May he be forgiven for what he has done, and may his life not go to waste.

  • For the people of Connecticut as serial killer Michael Ross approaches his own death tonight; that the families of his victims may be comforted and be freed from fear; that Ross' family may be similarly blessed; that Ross himself find mercy, and that the state government and its citizens not be dragged down to mere revenge.

      For love and goodness,
      we give thanks.

For all those in need:

  • The poor,

  • The hungry,

  • The naked,

  • The sick,

  • The imprisoned;

  • For those in constant pain and poor health;

  • For our enemies and ourselves;

  • For all things, spoken and unspoken;

      For love and goodness,
      we give thanks.


At 7:43 PM, Blogger Carnacki said...

For those whose hearts have hardened against us.


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