Monday, January 10, 2005

Catholic News

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch (via Amy Welborn) offers a fascinating summary of a long-brewing dispute between a Polish Catholic congregation and the local archdiocese.  The church members have transferred control of its assets to a lay board to prevent it from being shut down.  This may be precedent-setting.  Developing, as Drudge says.

The Pope has released his annual New Year's message, weighing in on a variety of topics.  His attack on same-sex marriage is no big surprise, but apparently part of the message is a warning that poverty undermines global security.  There seems to be an emerging consensus that this is a major issue, but it remains to be seen if the Bush administration will do anything about it.

We're not holding our breath, particularly after reading a story like this.  Gee, the Bush administration lied about its Iraq policy?  Who woulda thunkit?


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