Friday, January 28, 2005

Catholic News

We wish we had better news to share, but mostly, it's a number of reports on the sexual abuse crisis. Paul Shanley, whose name we can't help feeling is synonymous with evil, is on trial in Boston.  Read about it here and here.  Marciel Macial, the head of the creepy Legionaires of Christ, has been forced to step down to face sexual abuse charges made against him, lawyers in Kentucky want to add Catholic Charities to a lawsuit against the Sisters of Charity, and other lawyers in Los Angeles accuse the diocese of withholding information.  The Philippines and Northern Ireland are all facing their own crises.

But there is a little good news to report.  Catholic priests in Australia are agitating for the right to marry.  Some cheeky kids at Catholic University in DC are trying to get Newt Gingrich banned from speaking there, on the grounds that he doesn't uphold Catholic social teachings.  Apparently, this is revenge for a similar kibosh put on pro-choice speakers.  

And last but not least, if you're a closet Catholic like pastordan, take heart!  There's a network supporting ministers of other denominations who have converted to Catholicism.  Thanks, but if it's all the same, we'll head for these guys, if need be.


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