Friday, January 14, 2005

Church & State

Some real wins on this front in the past week.  Besides the Dover (PA) school board not insisting that its teachers read statements on Intelligent Design in their classes, a federal judge in Atlanta has ordered Cobb County to remove stickers that deemed evolution "not a fact."  Damn those liberal justices and their understanding of science!

In another school case, the Frankenmuth, Michigan school board has rejected a Bible-study course as "not academically rigorous."

Another judge has ruled against a faith-based mentoring program in an Arizona prison.

On the other hand, we've heard that Monroe County, NY has its own faith-based initiative coordinator.  We weren't aware that counties needed such staff.  Oh, you mean they'll help local groups get federal funding?  What a surprise...

Plenty of people have commented on this interview, in which President Bush claims a "relationship with the Lord" as a pre-req for the presidency.

That's bad enough, but two other pieces were what really caught our eye.  The first is an egregious little piece of propaganda, even for the WaTimes:

The president said there is no reason to fear his conspicuous practice of his Methodist faith or his approval of religious expression in the public square.

Since when does he have a "conspicuous practice"?  The man seldom if ever attends church, and Lord knows he routinely ignores the counsels of the Methodist church.

And then there's this bit:

"What we are going to do in the second term is to make sure that the grant money is available for faith communities to bid on, to make sure these faith-based offices are staffed and open," Mr. Bush said. "But the key thing is, is that we do have the capacity to allow faith programs to access enormous sums of social service money, which I think is important."

Wonder if he's been talking to the folks over in Monroe County?


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