Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Dangers of Meditation

Thanks to reader Claire S. for this link.

From an Agape Press review of Alternative Medicine: A Christian Handbook:

In a recent article from the Washington Post, TM is hailed in a study as a way to make the human brain more highly developed and disciplined. But author, physician and nationally syndicated TV show host Dr. Walt Larimore says the article, like so many others on TM, fails to tell readers about the downside of this activity.

For example, Larimore says the report failed to describe the potential emotional damage that has been shown to be associated with the practice of TM. "One study showed that almost half of those that were active as transcendental meditation trainers reported episodes of anxiety, depression, and confusion," he notes, "while some of them have frustration, mental and physical tension -- and this was over half of the trainers. It was really dramatically negative."

Also, the author notes, other studies have documented adverse effects to transcendental meditation that were clinically severe, such as "psychiatric hospitalizations and attempted suicides." But of even greater concern, he says, are the spiritual implications of TM, such as involvement with so-called "spirit guides," which may be demonic in nature. He says Christians should be wary of any type of alternative therapy that puts them in contact with the spirit world.

Larimore says TM is dangerous because the mind is opened up and left vulnerable to evil spirits. He warns that, although information from proponents tends to be deceptively positive, the practice of TM is emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually risky.

Thanks, Claire. We'll consider ourselves warned.

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