Friday, January 28, 2005

Isaac Newton

Our friend at TwoTaboos has a great post on Isaac Newton tackling the problem of the Easter date. Well worth reading the full post. Excerpt:
Newton worked out the calculations for the years 31- 37AD. He concluded, based on his analysis of the astronomical evidence, the years 33 and 34 AD were the only ones that might have worked. Finally, Newton found evidence for 34 AD in a little detail from Luke. Luke mentioned that the disciples had picked grain from the fields, cleaned it by hand, and eaten it while traveling to Jerusalem for a previous Passover (Luke 6). The Passover date moves around - sometimes in early spring, sometimes later - and this ripe grain suggested to Newton that the disciples had been traveling during a very late Passover. Otherwise, the grain wouldn't have been ready to eat. So, Newton looked for years in which the Passover could have come late in the year. He put this year as 32 AD, when Passover fell in mid-April. Then he decided that the Passover with the ripe grain was two years before the crucifixion based on his reading of John.


At 1:03 PM, Blogger Mark Sumner said...

Thanks very much for the mention.

I just posted another one on the case for 'Good Thursday'. After this, I'll be posting a lengthier bit on the case for a 'Good Wednesday.'


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