Sunday, January 23, 2005

Jim Wallis

The Boston Globe has a great article on Jim Wallis of Sojourners that is well worth a read: The amazing true story of the liberal evangelical. (Hat tip to "42")

"The most popular presentations of religion in our time (especially in the media) almost completely ignore the biblical vision of social justice and, even worse, dismiss such concerns as merely 'left wing,' " he writes in the new book. Wallis wants not just Democrats but the whole country to move beyond the politics of "right" and "left." "Neither religious nor secular fundamentalism can save us," he writes, "but a new spiritual revival that ignites deep social conscience could transform our society."
Wallis claims that the stirrings of such a revival can be seen today in a new generation of young progressive Christians - including evangelicals, Catholics, and mainline Protestants - and those of other faiths who are as (or more) concerned about global and domestic poverty, and issues of war and peace, as about abortion and marriage and other issues associated with social conservatives.


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