Monday, January 17, 2005

Last Days

Yesterday was my last Sunday at the church I've been serving as interim pastor for the past couple of years. It was a bit sad, but basically okay, for me to say goodbye. I really do wish them well, and it looks like they've got a good candidate waiting in the wings. So away I go.

You hate to let go of people you've come to know and love, but it's part of the game.

It was a bit more difficult for Mrs. Pastor. She had so much she wanted to say that she just couldn't. She hasn't always been satisfied with the way I've been treated. It's a curse peculiar to pastor's wives. They have to keep their tongues still at times when any sane spouse would let fly, and it's hard on them.

In any case, for my last children's sermon, I told the kids they'd been the best thing about being at the church. Kids are always the best thing about being a church. Afterwards, one of the little nippers came up and handed me this:

It can't make up for the sacrifices involved for a job like this--the late night meetings, the long commute, below-average salary--but by God, it just might make them worthwhile.


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