Friday, January 07, 2005

Religion & Homosexuality

The story getting the biggest play in the past couple of days is the court case against Repent America and some associated protestors arrested at last October's OutFest in Philadelphia. (Figures. Two of them are from Lancaster County.) Coverage here and here, and that doesn't include the literally dozens of Conservative Christian links up on the issue.

An American Family Association lawyer is representing the protestors, and argues that the US Department of Justice was improperly involved in their arrests. Not surprisingly, some other folks dispute that.

The figure in the center of the controversy is Repent America's Michael Marcavage. Many on the right are hailing Marcavage as a Christian hero, both mainstream and not.

They may want to rethink their support, however. We'll spot Marcavage his previous arrests here and here; they were in the context of protests, RNR has friends who've been arrested hundreds of times the same way. But honestly, does the Religious Right want to be associated with someone endorsed by the Army of God, or one who defends convicted sex offenders with these words: "Citizens should be concerned about how a man can be tried and convicted on the testimony of a 14-year-old"?

Ew. That was FF's first link to a Free Republic page. We may need to take a shower break.

That's not all the news in this category, though. Westboro Baptist is planning to protest in Helena MT, over that states' Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex domestic partner benefits. Typically, they're not just protesting at the Supreme Court, though: they're also going to the University of Montana and six local churches.

Last: Oliver Stone sez that his Alexander flick tanked due to "raging fundamentalism in morality." Funny, we thought it was because the movie stank. Well, at least with good taste got this out of sword and sandals epics: has video of Brad Pitt donning armor in "Troy."

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