Monday, January 10, 2005

Religion & Homosexuality

Speaking of Al Mohler, he rides the rant-pony again here, this time on the subject of the Christian school in Dallas that ejected a student for hosting a website for gay teens.  Uh, Al?  You might want to take your head out of the gutter and take another look at those posts?

Better news:  a coalition of Religious Right groups has dropped a lawsuit against a lesbian couple seeking to marry in Florida; Mel White and Soulforce are going to Colorado Springs at the end of April to confront James Dobson; and the CoE bishop of Lincoln, England has commissioned a service to recognize "same-sex friendships."  As the article notes, it isn't a marriage ceremony, and it's still going to cause quite a bit of controversy, but it is a step in the right direction.

On Thursday, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America will release the results "of a three-year study on sexuality that examined whether their denomination should change its stance on the ordination of homosexuals and blessing of same-sex unions."  Stay tuned.

At 5:35 PM, Blogger Chris T. said...

Al Mohler is infuriating. I have his Crosswalk in my RSS aggregator, and I see all the social capital our faith builds up through outreach, our work to alleviate poverty, etc., going up in smoke every time I read one of his columns. I want my religion back.

As for the ELCA, yours truly, a cradle Lutheran, is not optimistic about the upcoming release. I think the best progressives are going to see is a recommendation for local option, and I'm starting to despair that it won't pass. I wonder how all the evangelical catholics out there who deplore the 60/40 lay/clergy voting arrangement will feel when the laity smacks down the much more progressive clergy this summer?


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