Monday, January 03, 2005

Religion & Politics

The Justice Department has released a new memo broadening the definition of torture. In theory, that will limit the forms of pressure tactics that can be applied to prisoners. In practice, do you suppose it might have anything to do with Alberto Gonzalez's upcoming confirmation hearings?

You might wonder why the recent disclosure that the US government doled out $1 billion to faith-based groups in 2003 would fall under the heading "Religion & Politics." This report from WHO-TV in Des Moines might clarify things: it looks like faith-based initiatives was just code for "pork" after all.

FF notes with sadness the death of Shirley Chisholm, who always seemed to us a fine example of a Christian in action.

The Center for Corporate Policy has a list of the Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004. Number 1 reason you should read it: Halliburton clocks in at 7.

Joe Feurherd of the National Catholic Reporter interviews some interesting faithforward activists. RNR wishes they'd come and work on our new blog, or at least wrangle us an invite to some of those Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy conference calls.

Another well-covered story: Dr. James Dobson is targeting moderate senators from red states unless they agree not to block Pres. Bush's latest round of judicial nominees. Chuck Currie gives him what-for, as does Pam, but we think Jesus Politics actually has the right take on the issue. FF shudders at the thought of agreeing on anything with Chuck Colson, but he's right: identifying too closely with one party is demeaning to the Christian faith, and it does put Christians in a conveniently ignored box.


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