Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Religion & Politics

Get Religion has an interesting post about pro-lifers, and why they might support Roe v. Wade. Short version: keeping abortion legal but morally unacceptable may produce fewer abortions than simply outlawing it.

Chuck Currie passes on a copy of an open letter from some 225+ religious leaders opposing Alberto Gonzalez's cabinet nomination.

Typically, Jesus' General is not pleased:

I see that Chuck Currie and over 250 other "religious leaders" are expressing concerns about Our Leader's choice for Inquisitor General. It's like they think torture is a bad thing. Thank the Lord that they are outnumbered by Godly men like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell who devote all of their efforts to fighting the twin scourges of homosexuality and Darwinism.

FF only has a couple of things to add: Church Folks, figure out a way for other folks to sign your statements! And Chuck, bubbalah, use extended text boxes!!

Here's a story that's sure to get a lot of play: the Bush administration is pushing states to increase the share of grants they disburse to faith-based groups. It is the law, but FF wonders why we're getting reports that even groups in Georgia and Alabama that receive FBI dollars say they're not faith-based? Or that most of those dollars go to already-established organizations that more than likely would have been funded even before those initiatives? Those groups even include county government, for goshsakes.

You don't suppose the whole "Faith-Based Initiatives" thing could be a shallow attempt to grab political capital by laying claim to the mantle of piety while avoiding any extra layout of cash, do you?

Nah. Couldn't be.

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