Friday, January 07, 2005

Religion & Politics

Catholic leaders and others in Connecticut are speaking out against the upcoming execution of a serial killer.

Apparently, liberal Christians aren't the only ones who feel like their religion has been hijacked sometimes.  Witness this from Dar al Hayat:

The milestone has been turning for the past century and we still don't know its face and we still don't know where the track of its freedom is. There were four explosions in Riyadh and we still don't know who the perpetrators are. Did they come from within our societies or did they come from abroad? Why do these people find a fertile soil in our lands and why do these people find supporters amongst us? All these are questions that should be addressed with transparency. It is about time to stop saying that these people are from within our societies and are lost and we should bring them back on the right path. Why should be we bring them to the right track after they have incited fear in our secure cities?

What these people really deserve is death. They deserve to die as a punishment for what they did to us. Let us start by identifying things with their names, and let us start searching for solutions for our predicaments. These people are our children and part of our nation, but they are terrorists. They live comfortably amongst us and their allegation is always the same; religion. They hide behind religion and have in fact abducted religion. You find that they identify and impose the religious rituals according to their own interpretation. However, today and everyday, an explosion such as in the city of Riyadh, I start to doubt the religious interpretations and religious methods that these people utilize. These people are following the same pursuit of President Bush: "You are with us or against us."

We don't agree with the "deserving death" part, but it is interesting to hear echoes of American struggles in the Middle East.

Michael Newdow has refiled his Pledge of Allegiance case, and is also taking aim at prayers at the next Inaugural.  Does this guy know how to stir the pot, or what?

We take our hats off Jesus' General for the umpteenth time.  He's found perhaps the best shot from Alberto Gonzalez' recent press conference:

We couldn't have said it better.  So we won't.


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