Friday, January 21, 2005

Religious News Roundup--January 21, 2005

Today is Friday, January 21, 2005:  Eid al Adha for Muslims.  According to PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly,

Eid al-Adhá (the Festival of Sacrifice) is the concluding act of pilgrimage and is observed even when not on pilgrimage. As Abraham offered his son, Ishmael, to God, Muslims offer sheep, goats, and camels. They distribute the meat to the poor.

If you're not doing anything on Sunday and you find yourself in Pottsville Iowa, you might want to stop by the Winter Quarterly Meeting of the Decorah Council of Catholic Women- Dubuque ACCW.  Or, if you're willing to brave a possible snowstorm, you could always stop by Casa Pastor and have lunch with pastordan and Mrs. Pastor.  We here they don't have much on their agenda these days.

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