Monday, January 31, 2005

Speaking Out

Ron Sider speaks his peace not on an issue but on the hypocrisy of his fellow evangelicals. We bring this up not to point fingers, but to mention that the article damn near burned our eyebrows off. It's that caustic.

The NYT has an article on how Christians of all stripes are coalescing around the idea of fighting poverty as a moral value. It sounds a bit flatulent at first, and indeed, it only sketches out the beginnings of a movement--but we'll take what we can get. Something does indeed seem to be changing on the religio-political landscape on this issue. Could it be that Christians are tired of getting pigeon-holed along the lines of cartoon characters?


Meanwhile, an church & community group in Billings is fighting racism, and with war, pverty, disaster, disease, torture, and deficits all around, Albert Mohler decides the most important threat facing our nation is...hotel porn.

And the Pope fights a valiant, but apparently losing battle against a dove:

Give us a break--the thing was trying to get into his bedroom.


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