Monday, January 31, 2005

Sponge Bob/Religion & Homosexuality

There's a lot happening on these fronts. The non-cartoon world first: the Archdiocese of Detroit has prohibited a nun from speaking at a local church about her ministry to gays and lesbians. Says her work is not in accordance with church teachings, though they don't say how.

Beth Stroud is gearing up for round two with the United Methodist Church.

Love that stole.

The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin looks at the approach of some local congregations to gays and lesbians.

Third-World Anglican bishops are not satisfied with the ECUSA's mumbled "sorry" over the ordination of Gene Robinson; they want repentance as well. Presumably, that would include getting rid of Robinson himself, which leads RNR to this question: how do you un-ordain a bishop?

And the UCC is sending around the collection plate, hoping to raise enough cash to sponsor round two of the God Is Still Speaking ad campaign. If you liked the first one, this is your opportunity to say thank you.

Now back to reality: James Dobson is catching it from all ends: local pastors mocking his comments on Sponge Bob, school children protesting, Keith Olbermann snarking it up... Well, at least Dobson has some columnists who'll take up for him (sorta) here and here.

That first column is by Eric Deggans of the St. Petersburg Times, who voices an argument we've heard around these parts as well: though Dobson might look silly to us, he's actually doing a pretty good job of rallying his own by projecting an image of the world as a hostile and threatening land for godfearing parents.

There may be some truth to that, but in the end, we'll have to go with GetReligion's Doug Leblanc:

Dobson will bear watching for the next few years. But if SpongeBob SquarePants represents Dobson's politics of symbolism, I would say the cultural left has won this round.

And just when you think we're free of silly-ass charges of cartoon characters being too cozy with the "homosexual agenda," check this. It's official: Dolly Parton goes on the Enemies List.


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