Wednesday, January 05, 2005

This 'n' That

Neither here nor there, but the United Methodist Church is mourning the loss of Shirley Chisholm and Robert Matsui, both of whom were Methodists.

Pam sez that several "marriage commissioners" in British Columbia have resigned, rather than perform same-sex civil ceremonies. But there's usually a waiting list for commissioners, and all 20 of 'em have been replaced.

Nice wedding pictures, by the way.

Warning: up to eight children's program stars may be gay! Thank God Jesus' General is on the case:

We're watching you, Bob. Wait, no...

The Plymouth [Wisconsin] Review has a great editorial about a Christian cartoonist's "run-in" with a surprisingly generous Annie Gaylor of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. FF had to laugh: we grew up down the street from the Gaylors, and we sang in the State Capitol Christmas Pageant FFRF sued over. You can't imagine how beautiful the acoustics can be in a marble dome...

The Church of the Brethren and several other historic peace churches recently took a meeting with the Selective Service. Apparently, there was an "invitation by Selective Service for the Church of the Brethren, as a historic peace church, to develop a plan for alternative service opportunities."

According to one Brethren official:

The council understood from the background material given that Selective Service, or the Bush administration, have no plans in the offing to institute a new draft...There have been discussions during the past two presidential administrations of the eventual possibility of some kind of general national service. Selective Service officials explained to General Board staff that they want alternative service opportunities to be in place if and when such a program would be launched.

Why is that not reassuring?


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