Friday, January 14, 2005

This 'n' That

We mentioned a week or two back that poorer states actually outrank wealthy ones in terms of charitable giving.  We were relying on a PBS report at the time, but now we've stumbled across the primary source.  You suck, New Hampshire!

Here's some reaction to the ELCA's release of its study on the church and homosexuality.  Repulsive toad Albert Mohler has his usual reaction here.

What wonders God hath wrought, and various space agencies hath brought near:

That's purple haze around Titan, y'all.  Dude.  Purple haze...

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that is possible to be a progressive, growing church.  Baptist, yet!  On the other hand, preachers might want to be careful what they say about heaven, especially if they've got heart problems.

A follow-up on our story from Monday on a shrimp boil in Monroe, Wisconsin:

You get the craziest stuff on Yahoo or Google news bulletins sometimes.  We've learned about manhole piracy in Faith, North Carolina this week, and Lord alone knows how we got this one.  However it was, we think it's a good reminder:  Montana's too damn cold!

Pam's yukking it up over this story about a guy in Reading, PA who tried to hold an indoor pig roast.  You laugh, Pam.  You don't have to work up there.

That's okay, though.  We'll forgive you.  After all, who else would find a story about the Pentagon's attempts to develop a "homo bomb"?

We thought that's what "Queer Eye" was for?

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Chris T. said...

Despite being a progressive, I actually agreed with 95% of Al Mohler's column today. He and I would disagree about the ideal scenario for the ELCA, but pretty much everyone on both sides seems to think the task force showed a disturbing lack of integrity and sense of purpose. While I would say the Scripture Al would like to apply to this situation doesn't really rule the day, I also agree the task force did not seem to be consulting any high sources (Scripture, the Holy Spirit, even Vishnu would have been okay...) in making their recommendations. Sad...


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