Friday, January 21, 2005

This 'n' That

The Boston Globe has a fairly sympathetic focus piece on local atheists here. Some folks have noticed how atheists can seem a bit, er, fundamentalist at times. But what we're impressed with is another characteristic they share with their counterparts in the realm of conservative faith: the difficulty of figuring out how to operate in a pluralistic society when one's personal beliefs don't leave much room for more than one avenue to the truth.

Because we can't resist photos like this:

we'll pass on a story about the Blessing of the Pets in Mexico City.

Two items from the world of pop culture: a Christian comic-book artist comes to Wayzata, and Rolling Stone turns down a Bible ad. We're not above pointing out that The Onion, of "Christ Returns to NBA"

Image Hosted by

fame has accepted the ad. But in the end, we'll let the Revealer have the last word: censorship is a bad thing.


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