Monday, January 31, 2005

This 'n' That

Evangelists from a church in Texas are drawing the ire of local officials and church leaders for operating in areas hit by last month's tsunami.

The United Methodist Church is upping its advertising budget to $25 million over the next four years. Apparently, they're going to disinter Charles Wesley and make him write a few more hymns. Did we mention that you can contribute to the God Is Still Speaking campaign?

John Lennon apparently liked to shoplift from a Catholic bookstore.

Why does this not fill us with great confidence?

Two ministries have joined forces to train Christians to evangelize biblically. The Texas-based Great News Network recently teamed up with Way of the Master Ministries to hold intensive witnessing seminars called "Evangelism Boot Camps." For several years now, evangelist Ray Comfort of the ministry Living Waters and actor Kirk Cameron have hosted "The Way of the Master" television show, a weekly half-hour program that teaches Christians how to witness using the Ten Commandments. And now Darrell Runduss, president of the Great News Network (GNN), has banded together with the ministry to equip Christians for biblically sound soul winning. Runduss says in previous years, as a successful businessman, he never knew why he needed Jesus, until someone finally witnessed to him using God's law to explain the basis of the gospel. It was not until someone helped him "look into the mirror of God's ten laws," Runduss says, that he was able to see how far short he fell from God's holy and righteous standard. "It was then," he adds, "that I saw the need for my forgiveness." The goal behind the joint effort between Way of the Master and GNN is to give Christians a biblical model for evangelism and teach them how to use it to lay a strong foundation for an informed Christian faith. The Great News Network conducts several "Evangelism Boot Camps" each year.

Is it the Bible Bootcamp idea? It's the Kirk Cameron, isn't it?

Movable Theoblogical have a couple of wicked-cool ideas. First a Bible wiki, and second, this t-shirt, found through a long string of links:

Let that sink it for a moment.


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