Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Reports are beginning to roll in on amounts raised for tsunami relief. FF read somewhere total private donations from the US exceed $200 million. Chuck Currie sez the UCC's pledged $300,000 while Catholic Healthcare West has kicked in $250,000 alone. Church World Service has given $1,000,000 and pledges $5 million more. Meanwhile, Medecins Sans Frontiers has put out the word: we've got enough to fund our efforts! Give to somebody else.

Some people have all the luck.

For sheer generosity, though, we think it's hard to top the Buddhist congregation in British Columbia, who hope to sell their temple for $500,000 and donate the money to a Canadian government matching fund.

Meanwhile, the debate over the politics of relief efforts continues. Common Dreams thinks tsunami victims might end up being hurt by the squeeze the mess in Iraq puts on governments and charitable groups, and considers the question of US stinginess. Alan Keyes' blog disagrees, as does Beliefnet's Loose Cannon.

We've written here already that this back-and-forth over who's generous and who's not is counterproductive. But we have to ask conservative commentators: where are you getting the notion that Jan Egeland was chastising the US? Seemed pretty clear to us that he was taking all the developed nations to task, and not just on the tsunami.

Seriously. Where does this come from?

The LATimes and WaPo have similar considerations of religious perspectives on the disaster. The first is better than the second, in our humble opinion.


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