Friday, January 21, 2005


If you believe the war in Iraq is just, please go to this link . Tell how just it is to the parents of the soldier in the flag-draped coffin. Scroll down. Tell it to this 4-year-old girl covered in the blood of her parents killed in front of her by nervous U.S. soldiers. Tell it to her sister being treated for a gunshot wound.

Yesterday I went to the counter-inauguration. I wrote this about it elsewhere:

I carried one of the flag-draped 'coffins' for a time.
The coffins are just cardboard but shaped like the real thing.
I tried to picture who the coffin represented. I'm old enough to be the father of an 18-22 year old soldier. I cannot imagine the pain of such a loss.
It is one thing to think the soldiers knew the risks when they joined. But after Sept. 11th I tried to join. I was a few months past the cut off date.
But I suspect every parent in the world would trade places with their children to keep them from being in one of those flag-draped coffins.
I wish Bush hadn't lied us into this awful war.

Please pray for peace.


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