Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bad Men

  • You don't know how much it pains us to add the Pope to this list. But after comparing abortion to the Holocaust and calling same-sex marriage an "ideology of evil," how can we avoid it?

    Cardinal Rocco, Bishop Knuckles: perhaps its time John Paul retired.

  • We wish the Pope had more time to deal with issues like this: sexual abuse cases in the US have cost the Catholic Church north of $750 million. And none of that staggering amount can begin to touch the cost in pain, shame and suffering.

  • The Gadflyer's Sarah Posner tracks yet another dark nexus of Christian Right political groups. We haven't read the entire article yet (it's long), but it should provide Troutfishing with plenty of material.

  • Jerry Falwell's in the hospital. All snark aside, we do wish him a happy recovery. Eventually.


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