Sunday, February 13, 2005

Brothers and Sisters,

Let us pray* for all people, for all nations, and for our community:

  • I ask your prayers for our community, all who lead it, for all who participate, giving thanks for all the faiths and beliefs represented here. Pray especially for Kid Oakland as he departs for new work elsewhere. Pray for our community.

  • I ask your prayers for the good earth, that all people may respect its resources, preserve its future, and its fruits in their season. Pray for the soil and the sea.

  • I ask your prayers for the leaders of the nations, that they may act deliberately and dispassionately, and for the good of all.  Pray for those who govern, and for those who would lead us.

  • I ask your prayers for peace, that the peoples of the world may live in safety and without fear. Pray for peace.

  • I ask your prayers for the wealthy and the free, and the healthy, that they may use their possessions to aid those in need. Pray for compassion among people.

  • I ask your prayers for the sick, the sorrowing, and those who are alone, especially the victims of senseless violence; for those who suffer from the scourge of addiction; for the city of Dresden; and for those facing new forms of the AIDS virus. Pray for those in any need or trouble.

  • I ask your prayers for the dead, that they may receive eternal rest. Pray for those who have died.

Source of all living, hear the prayers of your people, and grant our requests. Strengthen us for the tasks you give us, bring us to unity with diversity, and guide us in ways that affirm the gift of life.


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