Sunday, February 27, 2005

Brothers and Sisters,

in peace, and for the peace of the whole world, let us pray*:
  • For the troubled nations of the Middle East: Egypt, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran; that they may know peace and security from outside belligerence;

  • For all nations with nuclear weapons, that this evil may not proliferate;

  • For the countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America struggling under the burden of debt;

  • For the communities in the United States terrorized by a serial killer.

In love, and for the love that over and around us lies, let us pray:

  • For migrant workers and all who are exploited in their labors;

  • For Pope John Paul II and the Catholic Church, that they may reclaim the legitimacy of their moral leadership;

  • In thanksgiving for all children everywhere, that they may find safety and nurture as they grow;

  • For all who face racial prejudice and discrimination;

  • For all those who bear hate in their hearts, that their souls may be redeemed;

  • For the Earth and all its gifts.

For the fulfillment of our hopes and needs, let us pray to the source of all hope:

  • For those in our community who have experienced great loss recently: a friend, a loved one, a favorite pet;

  • For those who struggle with ongoing illness, especially those who live with HIV and AIDS;

  • For those who find it difficult to find their place in society, particularly those who are ostracized for their political beliefs;

  • For those who have experienced heartbreak, job loss, family conflict, and grief.

With thanks and praise, we lift up our prayers in confidence, knowing that our hope will not be put to shame.


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