Friday, February 18, 2005

Church & State

  • The ACLU is objecting to a "faith-based" vocational program in Bradford County, PA. Apparently, it's the only option available. And why are we not surprised to read this paragraph?

    A BCAD report detailed the First Amendment violations and fiscal mismanagement committed by the Firm Foundation, as well as the lack of federally required fiduciary oversight by the County Commissioners and the Pennsylvania Council on Crime and Delinquency, which funneled federal monies to the program. BCAD published the report last July, and it is available at

  • The "Philadelphia 4" arrested for bigoting at a Gay Pride festival last fall have seen the charges against them dismissed. We have to confess that we're ambivalent about the decision. While it's probably the right legal decision, we're still annoyed that such an obnoxious group would get to skate without any consequences. On the third hand, we must admit we like Christianity Today's take:

    And now that the charges have been dismissed, this item moves from the "threats to freedom" file to "wacky news." Mr. Marcavage, your 15 minutes are up. The rest of us are going to go back to talking about the nature of sex and marriage like adults.

    Presumably, that adult discussion won't include raising any more funds through these "almost martyrs"?

  • A Federal judge in Utah has upheld that state's ban on polygamous marriage. "The judge emphasized his ruling was about marriage, not personal sexual conduct." That's because the appeal was based on the recent Supreme Court decision invalidating sodomy laws.

  • New York City has become the first city in the US to allow workers to wear turbans or hijab (veils) on city time.

  • Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granhom changed her mind on the subject of displaying a Ten Commandments monument at the State Capitol. She was in favor, but now says that's a personal opinion. A rare misstep for this ultra-popular governor.

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