Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Church & State

  • The State of Iowa is fighting a group called the "Church of the New Song," claiming it's not a religion at all, but rather a front for a racist prison gang.  Between skinheads and Ralph Reed, we may have to add a special Iowa category to the RNR.

  • This is an odd sensation: we agree with the Heritage Foundation on something. Relaxing the restrictions on church participation in elections would be disaster:
    "We don't want to see red churches and blue churches," said Joseph Loconte, a research fellow in religion at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

    Constitutional issues aside, Loconte said, "It's a horrible idea for church ministers to endorse candidates from the pulpit because it's so inherently divisive." It splits congregations and alienates people, he said.

    The issue comes up as the "Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act" gathers 174 co-sponsors, according to the representative who introduced it, Walter Jones (R-NC).

  • Hopefully, the HoWFSRA will go down in flames like a similar proposal from Virginia. Thomas Jefferson: 8,988; Sectarian Idiots: 0.


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