Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I Pity the Poor Immigrant

From Agape Press:
...A retired immigration and naturalization service official says Americans need to be aware that illegal aliens may be using U.S. citizens' social security numbers to obtain jobs and file income tax returns. Brian Perryman, a former Chicago Immigration and Naturalization Service director, says many unsuspecting taxpayers may be completely unaware that someone else is using their government-issued number. The situation is very serious, he adds, and unfortunately the Social Security Administration has no enforcement power when it comes to stolen numbers. "Now," the former INS official says, "persons unlawfully here can earn an income from working using a fraudulent social security number, and if they file a tax return, they'll attach a W-2 with that fraudulent Social Security number on it." When this happens, the IRS normally "just processes the returns it receives with the fraudulent numbers," Perryman says; therefore, unsuspecting citizens often do not find out that someone else is using their SSN until another return is filed with the same number under a different name.

Whatever happened to treating the resident alien with impartiality? Or do we just consider them all guilty until proven innocent?



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