Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It looks bad...

and it finishes that way, too:
Two days after Christmas, a small Baptist church sends police to remove a grandmother from the apartment house the congregation proudly built a few years earlier, in effect banishing a village native from the one community she knows.

The explanation offered by leaders of Bethel Baptist Church for why 71-year-old Dorothy Peterson was kicked out of her Maple Street apartment Dec. 27 only highlights what critics call the ugliness of the eviction.


"I am not pleased with putting anybody out," said the Rev. John Hooks, the pastor, noting that the apartment house management committee is a separate entity from the church, although overseen by church leadership. "I also know that no court would put her out without just cause."


The pastor would not discuss specifics, saying the church took action in part for reasons that were "brought to me in confidence."

Look, I don't know the people and I don't know all the details. But isn't this how great evil gets done? Everything is done according to the rules, and the entities are nicely separated, and...a church winds up putting out one of its own.

The worst part about it? "Peterson's lawyer, said her efforts kept Peterson in her apartment long after the church wanted her out and 'there comes a time when the law is the law.'"

Jesus, forgive us.


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