Thursday, February 03, 2005

The New Pamphleteers

Fredrick Clarkson details blog strategy in response to the Pres. privatization scheme, following a teleconference last night:
The power of the blogosphere to move information, ideas and analysis quickly is a great strength going into the battle -- as talented researchers, writers, and analysts of all kinds bring writing to the fore of American politics in a way that is already making history. The democratic nature of the blogosphere is opening up the public debate -- challenging government and corporate propaganda, and the conservative punditocracy in a way that regularly gives rise to howls of indignation.


Although the conveners of the progressive blogger teleconference have high hopes that we will somehow come through -- they really have no idea what we will do. But what they do know -- what they are counting on, I think -- is that this eclectic, feisty and far-flung network of writers are committed to a vision of a constitutional democracy marked by a passion for social and economic justice -- that will propel the campaign forward in surprising and compelling ways. They know that the ingenious activists of the internet will give Wall Street and the Texas oil boys a run for their money; that money can't buy the kind of committed, vivid, and persuasive writing that flows from authentic feelings and free and independent minds; and that that's a force as powerful as anything in public life.

I didn't take part in the call; didn't think it would be wise to push Mrs. Pastor's buttons. But, pamphleteer? That's a strategy I'm proud to endorse. Never did care much for Wall Street.


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