Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Okay, this is disgusting

In reference to the mainline churches:

Just as the global tsunamis have caused certain geographies to disappear from the maps within seconds, so there is the real possibility that certain segments of Christendom — those turning purposefully apostate — could disappear in short time frames. Their suffering will be awful. But it will be thorough, for what God does He does completely.

One cannot grieve the Holy Spirit forever. Certain segments of the global church cannot go on their own religion-writing ways without tragic consequence. There comes the limit. God knows when mortals have gone over the line with His patience. When that occurs, the divine comes down upon the wicked with His heavy heel.

Is this a loving God? Yes. God is both eternal, perfect love and eternal, perfect justice. His love is beckoning the wayward to come back home to His truth, grace and compassion. If they do not, then His justice will work upon their souls in judgment of condemnation.

The tsunami of the Lord will come and it will not be a happening any reasonable person would want to undergo.

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