Wednesday, February 02, 2005


From a UCC press release:
Howard Dean, the former presidential hopeful who is emerging as the new
national leader of the Democratic Party, is a member of the United Church
of Christ.

Today (Feb. 2), The New York Times reported that Dean, a former five-term Vermont Governor, is likely to succeed in his bid to become the next chair of the Democratic National Committee. A formal vote by the 447-member DNC will take place on Feb. 12 in Washington.

The Democrats' new leader, many believe, will be expected to give considerable attention and voice to recasting the public's debate on issues of morality -- especially what attention, if any, the Democrats will pay to so-called "values voters."

After the November 2004 general election, when Republicans retained control of the White House and gained seats in both houses of Congress, many pundits pointed to exit polls which showed that issues of "morality" factored heavily into voters' decisions.

Questions lingered, however, as to which precise issues these "values voters" were referring.

At campaign rallies for himself, and later in support of Democratic nominee John Kerry, Dean often chided "fundamentalist preachers" and said Republicans were using "God, guns and gays" to deflect from the real moral issues of the day, such as the war in Iraq, the economy and health care.

Dean, who refers to himself as a "Congregationalist" -- a faith label not recognizable to many living outside the Congregationalist-laden Northeast -- is a member of First Congregational United Church of Christ in Burlington, Vt., a prominent 1,000-member congregation in the state's largest city.

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