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Propagannon: Meet Jimmy Moore, Hatchet-man

from grannyhelen

Who is Jimmy Moore? According to Media Matters, who saved this bio of Moore before it was scrubbed off of GOPUSA.com's website:

Jimmy Moore "has played an active role in Republican politics for more than 15 years, dating back to his teenage years. He is currently serving as an Executive Committeeman for the Spartanburg County Republican Party. He is also a consulting writer for the Spartanburg County Republican Party and for the South Carolina Republican Party. In 2002, he was a key member of the Charlie Condon for Governor campaign serving as a political consultant. In addition, he was integral in the Victory 2002 campaign that helped get Republicans elected to state and national offices. Jimmy is also the South Carolina State Editor for GOPUSA."

Yep, that's right. Jimmy Moore was Jeff Gannon's colleague at Talon News.

Why is he important? I started wondering that myself when I discovered that in addition to Gannon's articles being scrubbed from Talon News' website, so were Jimmy Moore's. Intrigued, I decided to see why Talon/GOPUSA.com may do this.

After reading far too many of Mr. Moore's articles, I discovered something that I think is a little questionable given the fact that everyone's questioning whether Gannon was a White House "plant". It isn't the fact that Mr. Moore's far right coverage of "news" doesn't even dip its little toe into the pool of the mainstream. It isn't necessarily that Mr. Moore has a fixation with exploiting any perceived gaffes or hypocrisies of Michael Moore (no relation, I'm sure!) and the "liberal elite". It isn't even that both Peter Jennings and Sam Donaldson have been singled out in Moore's articles for attack and derision, or that Moore seems to have a proclivity for covering every...single...little...thing...that the religious right does in its quest to reverse Roe v. Wade.

No, what really got me wondering why his articles had been scrubbed were some very flattering Talon News articles, under Mr. Moore's name, on the Bush/Cheney04 campaign.

Now, I'm sure a lot of you are saying to yourselves: "Wait up, granny, that ain't so bad." And normally I'd agree - I could generally care less how much the radical right wing of this country wishes to idolize our current President. But then I started to wonder what type of news outfit would write an "article" like this one (yes, it's been scrubbed from Talon's site - links to all articles mentioned herein can be found at the cross-post at Daily Kos, here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/2/21/195245/363)

Bush Campaign Throwing 'Party for the President'

By Jimmy Moore

Talon News

April 9, 2004

SPARTANBURG, SC (Talon News) -- The Bush campaign is organizing a "National Party for the President Day" on Thursday, April 29 at 8:00 p.m. EST to allow supporters to gather together in unity behind President George W. Bush.

"Across the country, supporters of President Bush will gather in homes, restaurants and community centers to stand up for our President," Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman wrote in an e-mail to Bush supporters recently.

The free events are scheduled to take place in cities across the country, including in personal homes and at local restaurants.

The Bush campaign has even set up a special surprise for supporters who are able to get 5 or more people to attend their party.

Mehlman said their party "will include a conference call with a senior [Bush] campaign leader" at 8:30 p.m. EST.

He added, "This special guest will answer questions and deliver a political briefing on the progress of the campaign."

Describing the purpose of the "National Party for the President Day," Mehlman explained it "is a simple, volunteer event that brings together local friends and neighbors who support the President."

People who decide to host one of these parties will receive a package of materials from the Bush campaign, including an exclusive video about the campaign, bumper stickers, miscellaneous campaign materials and a signed letter from Bush.

"These fun, informal events will help grow the President's strong base of support in local communities throughout the country and bring the President one step closer to victory in November," Mehlman concluded.

He continued, "We have a hard fight in the days ahead and the President needs your help."

Even Vice President Dick Cheney is encouraging people to join him in the "National Party for the President Day" to cheer on the president to victory in November.

"On that day, I will be joining thousands of parties across the country on a live conference call to talk about the clear choice voters face this November and the importance of the grassroots effort that will lead us to victory," Cheney revealed. "The President and I are counting on grassroots activists, like you, to act on the commitment we all share."

Cheney said he will try to call as many of the parties as possible on April 29.

The goal of the Bush campaign is to have 2004 parties commemorating President Bush on April 29. At press time, there were 2,046 parties planned for that day and nearly 4,000 overall.

Gee, that kind of sounds like one of those Kerry-Edwards campaign emails that I got in my inbox every other day during the campaign. Which is great - I don't mind that Bush, Cheney or anyone does meet-ups and communicates to their base.

But that ain't news, folks. And I wondered why "Talon News" would have one of their "correspondents" write an "article" pretending it was. Curious, I wanted to see what other type of "news coverage" the Bush/Cheney04 campaign received from Talon News, and whether it sounded as much like a reprint of press release as this "article" did.

In my meanderings through google caches of Jimmy Moore's scrubbed Talon News "articles", I found the following hard-hitting coverage of the Bush/Cheney 04 campaign:

Bush Campaign Ads Focus on Leadership

By Jimmy Moore

Talon News

March 5, 2004

SPARTANBURG, SC (Talon News) -- The first in a series of positive television campaign ads for the 2004 Bush reelection campaign released on Thursday were criticized by the Kerry campaign for attacking him and using the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 for political purposes.

The $5 million advertising blitz in 17 key states focuses on President George W. Bush's ability to lead during difficult times, including his fight against terrorism, leading the country through a recession, and his plan to create jobs.

The slogan "Steady Leadership in Times of Change" rings throughout all three of the campaign ads currently running...

...Bush campaign adviser Karen Hughes says the ongoing war on terrorism makes mentioning September 11 a must during a presidential campaign, especially if one of the candidates believes we should not be fighting it.

"Because of [September 11], we are at war against terror," she stated on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Hughes added, "The race for president is now on, and it's important that we look at how the two candidates would approach that war against terror."...

...Bernard B. Kerik, who was New York City Police Commissioner at the time of the terrorist attacks, told CNN that Bush had every right to mention September 11 in his ads because "he has led us through the war on terrorism."

"[I]t's important to remind people who has done what for this country," Kerik stated.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan said the images of the terrorist attack should be used to remind Americans of the need for a strong homeland security.

"It is vital to our future that we learn what September 11th taught us," McClellan told reporters. "The president's steady leadership is vital to how we wage the war on terrorism. There's a clear choice for Americans in how we confront the threats of terrorism."

But what about the role of veterans in the Bush/Cheney04 campaign? I know you've been wondering whether Jimmy Moore and Talon News covered this then-breaking story. Good news: they did.

Veterans Support Bush Reelection Efforts With Online Chats

By Jimmy Moore

Talon News

May 25, 2004

SPARTANBURG, SC (Talon News) -- The Bush campaign will be conducting two online chat sessions with prominent veterans who are supporting President George W. Bush in the November election.

In an e-mail to supporters, Bush reelection campaign chairman Ken Mehlman said this time of year makes people remember those serving in the military.

"As Memorial Day nears, our thoughts turn to the men and women who serve, and have served, in our armed forces," Mehlman explained.

Because of that, Mehlman said the Bush campaign "is dedicating [its] online efforts for the next week to honor the veterans who have represented our nation in times of peace and times of war."

Speaking directly to these heroes, Mehlman proclaimed, "Your efforts have made, and are currently making, our nation safer."

To that end, the Bush campaign will feature an online chat session with "two prominent veterans" who are supporting Bush...

Some of you after reading all of this may still be scratching your heads and saying to yourselves, "But, granny, all this means is Talon was just one lazy news organization with people who couldn't write themselves out of a Barbara Cartland romance novel.

Not true. Mr. Moore does have some great, original writing that comes pretty close to the level of fiction Ms. Cartland deals in. He just saved his skills for John Kerry.

This reprint of an extract of one of Mr. Moore's articles, covering Theresa Heinz Kerry's response to hurricane Ivan, comes to us via courtesy of EvilBlog:

Heinz Kerry: Hurricane Victims Should Just 'Go Naked'

By Jimmy Moore

Talon News

September 17, 2004

NEW YORK (Talon News) -- Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry, commented Wednesday about victims of Hurricane Ivan in a visit to the Caribbean community in Brooklyn.

Heinz Kerry observed the efforts by the people there to assist Caribbean families who were ravaged by the damaging winds of rain from the hurricane. She even interacted with the Haitian vendors speaking in French and met with many of the volunteers who were loading the food and clothes for the Caribbean islands.

The Kerry campaign donated water, blankets, and some emergency medical kits to send to the victims.

"I think it's important we help all the kids we can," Heinz Kerry said at a local market...

Tens of thousands of families were completely devastated by Hurricane Ivan as it came through the Caribbean islands last week, including leaving 60 percent of the population of Granada homeless and without food or water.

Responding to this, Heinz Kerry shared her opinion that the Caribbean needs water and food more than they need clothing.

"Clothing is wonderful, but let them go naked for a while, at least the kids," Heinz Kerry exclaimed. "Water is necessary, and then generators, and then food, and then clothes."

Earlier in the campaign season, Jimmy Moore gives Bush-Cheney04 a tough evaluation of their Kerry attack ads:

Bush Ads Claim Kerry Would Sharply Raise Taxes, Be Soft on Terror

By Jimmy Moore

Talon News

March 15, 2004

WASHINGTON (Talon News) -- The 2004 presidential race between President George W. Bush and likely Democratic nominee Sen. John F. Kerry (D-MA) has already become confrontational with just under eight months left until the general election. In two new 30-second campaign ads released in 18 key states by the Bush reelection campaign on Friday, Kerry is described as "wrong on taxes" and "wrong on defense."

One of the new Bush campaign ads alleges that Kerry would raise taxes by $900 billion to pay for his massive health care plan.

In addition, the ad states that Kerry's position of asking for United Nations approval before going to war with Iraq as well as his strong stance against the Patriot Act which is being "used to arrest terrorists and protect America" would "delay defending America." The other Bush ad warns that ignoring the terrorists or the threat they pose will not make them go away.

"We can go forward with confidence, resolve and hope," the ad proclaims. "Or we can turn back to the dangerous illusions that terrorists are not plotting and outlaw regimes are no threat." Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman said these ads show the obvious differences between Bush and Kerry.

Mr. Moore also wrote this in-depth evaluation of John Kerry's economic policies. The article has been scrubbed from Rush Limbaugh's website, but you can still view the cache (again, all links are at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/2/21/195245/363):

Study: Kerry Poor Choice for Investors By Jimmy Moore

March 23, 2004 (Talon News)

An independent investment group study released on Monday finds that likely Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry has had an abominable voting record on investor-related issues throughout his nearly two decades in the United States Senate.

The American Shareholders Association (ASA) notes in their study that two out of three voters in the upcoming 2004 presidential election will be investors. This represents the largest voting bloc in America. As a result, ASA wanted to examine the vital issues related to investing by the Democratic presidential nominee.

After extensive research and study of Kerry's voting record, ASA found the Massachusetts senator voted overwhelmingly against issues important to investors, including cuts in the capital gains tax and individual retirement accounts (IRA).

Daniel Clifton, who serves as the executive director for ASA, said Kerry has shown no demonstrative evidence that proves he would act in the best interest of investors if he is elected president. "The best way to sum up Kerry's record on investor issues -- all talk and no action," Clifton remarked in a press release. "Despite his pro-investor rhetoric, not once has Kerry voted to reduce the capital gains tax, not once has Kerry voted to index capital gains to inflation, and not once has Kerry voted to reduce the double tax on dividends." He added, "Even more disturbing has been his consistent opposition to individual retirement accounts, which currently provide retirement savings for millions of American families." Clifton concluded that Kerry has not shown investors that he fully understands the ramifications of his votes on investments. "His votes against shareholders have real consequences and this report documents the effects of these votes," Clifton continued. ASA said the claim by Kerry during his presidential campaign that he has voted to cut the capital gains tax cannot be substantiated...

...Clifton said Kerry is simply out of touch with real Americans who invest in stocks and mutual funds. "Based on his voting record, it appears that Kerry believes the only people who own shares of stock are families named Heinz and Kennedy," Clifton joked referring to Kerry's wife, Teresa, and his fellow Democratic Massachusetts colleague, Sen. Ted Kennedy. "That may have been true while Kerry was raising the capital gains tax as part of the Dukakis Administration, but it sure is not true today, with 56 percent of families' financial assets held in stocks and mutual funds."

But Moore's masterpiece had to be his assistance in "outing" the intern...who never had an extramarital affair with John Kerry:

Kerry's Alleged Intern Identified, Taped Interview With Major Television Network

By Jimmy Moore, Talon News

SPARTANBURG, SC (Talon News) -- The name of the intern Democratic presidential front-runner Sen. John F. Kerry (D-MA) allegedly had a two-year extramarital affair with beginning in Spring 2001 surfaced over the weekend.

The Telegraph UK reported on Sunday that the name of the Kerry's intern is 27-year old journalist Alexandra Polier. "This is not going to go away," said an American friend of Polier to the Telegraph UK. "What actually happened is much nastier than is being reported."

Polier formerly worked for the New York bureau of the Associated Press after graduating with a double major in philosophy and government from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts and with a journalism degree from Columbia University in New York. She is currently living in Kenya with the parents of her fiance Yaron Schwartzman, who works for a company called FilmStudios. The couple met at Columbia University and plan to get married later this year.

Thus far, neither of them have publicly commented on the alleged affair that was revealed by Internet news web site The Drudge Report on Thursday.  As reported by Talon News on Friday, a source at one of the major television networks said they are specifically forbidden to talk about this story on the air until one of the other major television networks reports on it first.

Is it a stretch to think after reading these "articles" (and many more not covered in this diary) by Jimmy Moore, that it may be conceivable that the GOP was using Talon News to both convey verbatim their presidential election press releases, while assisting in a "whisper campaign" against John Kerry? Is it possible that, when evaluating whether Jeff Gannon was a White House "plant", the work of his colleague at Talon News may be relevant?

I think there's enough here to warrant further scrutiny. To quote Bill O'Reilly, "what say you?"


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