Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Religion & Homosexuality

  • The Montana State House of Representatives has defeated a bill expanding the state's hate-crime law to cover sexual orientation. The Billings Gazette says:
    Republicans, who accounted for all but five of the opponents, warned the bill would stifle free speech and could even prevent clergy from speaking out against homosexuality in their sermons.

    Lamest. Excuse. Ever.

    But don't get too down-hearted: the bill was defeated 54-46 in a state that continues to trend blue.

  • A crack team of Lutheran Sexologists has turned its attention from homosexuality to human sexuality in general. Expect a statement next year. Given the results of this group's last report, it's fair to say that the coming statement will run something like: "Gosh, Ole. What do you think about sex?" "I don't know, Lena. We just did it last year."

  • Is it wrong of us not to be at all surprised to hear that the Philly 5 aren't done with the courts, even though their case was dismissed? Apparently, they didn't like being compared to Nazis or the Klan. Memo to protestors: when they're throwing rocks at your head, your speech is unpopular. Be glad the judge decided it was worth protecting anyway. Dumbbutts.

  • The New York Observer fills in for the NYT in this article. Evangelicals? In New York? Who knew? And you say they're opposed to same-sex marriage? What a strange bunch of people.


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