Monday, February 07, 2005

Religion & Politics

  • There's a new book out by Bruce Shortt, the man behind the Southern Baptists' proposal to endorse a wholesale abandonment of public education.  Three guesses as to the subject?  Yep, that's it:  "The Harsh Truth About Public Schools."

  • Pam has more to say on black pastors getting cozy with the Republican party.  Suffice it to say she's not in favor of the idea.

    Actually, suffice it to say she's not in favor of the pastors in question, either.

  • Ralph Reed has filed the necessary papers to allow him to accept campaign money.  He may be thinking of running for Georgia Lt. Governor in 2006.  Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi has named James Clayburn of South Carolina to lead the House Democrats' Faith Working Group. It appears that the group is a more focused on passing legislation than we'd thought, but we're still a bit leery of a group led by someone who makes quotes like:   "I look forward to leading House Democrats' efforts to more effectively communicate our Democratic values, which are fundamentally American values."

    If you have to argue that your values really are American, you've lost the game out of the gate.

    Much better to con the public into believing that your representation of their values is what got you elected, even when more of that public itself says it voted on the war.

  • The National Association of Evangelicals is warning its constituents not to get too closely identified with the Republican party--or at least one of its Vice-Presidents is.

  • Mike McManus cops to accepting money from the Bush administration, though he denies it was designed to influence his writing.  You gotta know you're a hack when the Reading Eagle drops your column.

  • Ordinarily, we would have brushed by a piece like this as being just one more wing-nut screed, relying as it does on atrocious misunderstanding of statistics. But this quote, as wrongheaded as its author's intentions were, does seem to sum up the situation nicely:

    "A white male aged 20 currently has a rate of 6% on his "savings" and a 20 year old black male has enjoys a rate of -15%. You'd have to be nuts to put your money in an account that ultimately pays out less than what you put in, yet young workers do it every day under the current system. It is morally egregious that this government plan forces young workers into that situation."

  • The Detroit News has posted a series based on a survey they did on moral/religious/values attitudes in Michigan.  Fair warning: they don't have an overview of the survey results (nor do they have the questions all in one place), so we haven't been able to do much in the way of evaluation.  But with that caveat in mind, here's the articles they spun out of the survey: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  • Again, consider the source, but there's news today that a federal judge has refused to intervene in criminal charges brought against the "Philly 5" for disrupting a Philly Pride event last fall. Mike Tidmus has more on Philly 5/Repent America leader Michael Marcavage's arrest record.


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