Friday, February 11, 2005

Same Sex Marriage

  • The Boston Globe talks to a couple of Catholic legislators who believe their faith led them to support SSM, despite what their fellow parishioners, priests, and bishop might tell you.  (Philocrites, who steered us to the article, is mad because the Unitarians got overlooked in the article. To which we respond: welcome to the UCC's world...)

  • Anyway: the New York Sun has a stupid, stupid article about members of the clergy and what they think about SSM.

  • Pam, if you're reading this, you ought to be able to hit this one out of the park: a theater chain in Canada is running ads in favor of the SSM act currently before Parliament.  This has the "family values" crowd crying foul, naturally.  No indication in the article, but somehow we doubt they're showing them in front of "Bambi."

    But way down at the bottom is the really interesting piece:

    Famous Players Theaters is owned by Viacom Canada, Inc., the Canadian arm of the large media conglomerate Viacom, which also owns such media outlets as MTV, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Infinity Broadcasting, and Comedy Central.

    More hypocrisy from the suits.

  • Pacificus has a good catch: why, if Eliot Spitzer has nothing to do with the SSM case working its way through the New York courts, does this article from Baptist Press drag his name into a discussion of that case? Why, because he's a strong candidate for NY governor, and they're trying to drive up his negatives.  Hmm, what was it that Bruce Prescott had to say?  Could it be:

    It would be hard to find a better example of how debasing it is for a religious denomination to place loyalty to a politician above the proclamation of the gospel.

    Yeah, that's it.


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