Friday, February 04, 2005

Sponge Bob/Religion & Homosexuality

Well, the dust is starting to settle over the whole Sponge Bob thing.  We mean, when the news starts to bounce back from New Zealand, it's getting to the end.  EmilyE (via Ales Rarus) takes a look at the We Are Family Foundation website via the Wayback Machine, but we're not sure her argument holds water.  The question was never about what Dr. Dobson said, at least not in responsible media outlets.  It was about the wisdom of his criticizing Sponge Bob in the first place, and the paranoia of seeing him as a stalking horse for a "homosexual agenda."

Well, anyway.  Here's an article on the divisions among the Anglican church in Africa on the subject of homosexuality.

Oh, and for a bonus, check out this very heterosexual take on cartoons. Republican Jesus would be proud.


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